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Number Plate Recognition for Pocket PC

Automatic Number Plate Recognition software for Pocket PC

PalmPR is an Automatic Number Plate Recognition software for Pocket PC. It uses a CF camera to continuously analyses the live picture. Once a license plate is detected the number is recognized and the reading compared with the local database

Palm PR, Intertraff number plate recognition software, runs on any Microsoft Windows 2003 PDA.
Through a Compact Flash Camera, Palm PR analyses continuously the live picture looking for number plates. Once a vehicle plate is detected, the number is recognized using a series of complex template-matching algorithms and a full image picture of the vehicle and its plate patch is stored on the SD memory card. The reading results are also compared with the local database to find out if the vehicle is stolen, authorized, etc
PalmPR does not need a starting trigger to attempt to find a number plate in one single picture. On the contrary it simply analyses the Compact Flash Camera video signal at the speed of 5 frames per second and if a number plate is found, PlamPR recognizes it in 0,5 seconds.

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