Keeping Your Secrets Secret: SDS 1.2
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Keeping Your Secrets Secret: SDS

Keeping Your Secrets Secret: Seecrets Delivery Services

SDS is an e-security suite of crypto e-mail, secure password manager, zip manager and For-Your-Eyes-Only content viewer.

SDS is an e-security suite of crypto e-mail, secure password manager, zip manager and For-Your-Eyes-Only content viewer.<br>
The unique e-mail security caters for the privacy of all web mail and POP3 users. SDS uses RSA 8192-bits public key cryptography and AES 256-bits. All symmetric encryption uses random numbers as keys and our own Seecrets Signature-Free technology.<br>
The powerful password manager is the world's first with the strength (entropy) of a randomly generated 256-bit AES key. It is also resistant to all key loggers and eavesdroppers.<br>
* It is FREE for personal use.<br>
* It is easy to use, no more difficult than driving a car. Most crypto or e-security software are normally hard to use. The ease-of-use is our number one design objective without sacrificing security and robustness.<br>
* Using normal e-mail is like using postcards. Anybody can read the contents. Worse, some internet companies are archiving emails ? read perpetual storage. Also, if you are concerned about your personal privacy (privacy is a basic human right ? Article 12, UN Charter on Human Rights), you should use SDS to safeguard your personal privacy on the internet.<br>
* The powerful and highly secure password manager is unique. It does not use any keystrokes and has near-crypto-key strength. It can be used to safely manage all passwords or keys.<br>
* SDS uses the best practices of crypto security.<br>
* A protected FYEO (for-your-eyes-only) content viewer<br>
* Features that allow registered or certified mail electronic deliveries such as bank statements, invoices, legal documents and confidential information.<br>
* A ZIP manager to handle archives.<br>
* Spammers never use crypto.<br>

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