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This app instructs stationary cycle exercise.

This application instructs users on stationary cycle exercise.

This application,"octomedics", instructs users on stationary cycle exercise.

This application,"octomedics", instructs users on stationary cycle exercise. SPIN CLASSES Imagine that you are pedaling in the Tour de France. The crowd is cheering as you push yourself up a steep hill. Your thighs are burning. Your breath is coming in gasps. Will you make it? "You've reached the top!" a voice commands. "Back off that tension!" You reach down and loosen the tension on your stationary cycle, and come back to reality. Spinning is one of the newest and hottest exercise classes. Instead of merely tooling along on your stationary bicycle as you thumb through a magazine or watch the latest headline news, you burn up the imaginary road with a roomful of other exercisers, with the lights turned off and the music loud.

Like other exercise classes, spinning is led by an instructor. And like most other exercise classes, spinning starts out with a warm-up and stretching. Then comes the ride, alternating intervals of "hill climbing" (increased tension on the cycle) and "sprinting" (less tension). The classes conclude with a cool-down and stretching.

What enthusiasts say they like about spin classes is that the amount of tension on the bike is determined by each rider. You can make it as tough or easy a ride as you want to -- only you know for sure. And to help the riders concentrate and set the mood, the lights are usually switched off.

When it's raining or you get home late and the sun is setting, there are no more excuses. It's either time to head for the basement or the garage where you can catch the evening news, or take an hour at the gym to join in a spin class. Whichever choice you make, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are going to get that edge on the rest of your cycling friends.

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