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Limitations European map and flag quizzes never expire.
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Yokozuna! - Kanji learning program.

Yokozuna! - Special program for learning Japanese kanji symbols.

Yokozuna! is designed for learning Japanese characters - Kanji, to help you master writing them quick, following correct stroke order and proportions.

Yokozuna! is specifically designed to address two of the biggest problems when learning single Kanji: Memorizing Strokes and Readings of the character. If you are studying Kanji you probably write them down scores of times. You also need to articulate its readings for better digestion of knowledge. Yokozuna! offers you great opportunity to study and control yourself with its techniques. Program guides you through learning process which makes it great fun like playing a game. We consider handwriting as a headline technique of learning Kanji. Yokozuna! can automatically verify strokes you draw and accept either not accept them until character is finally complete. You will quickly acquire and understand rules of drawing characters better. The Kanji readings are required for reading Japanese texts. Yokozuna! provides Kanji reading testing facilities as well as learning facilities. It pays your attention on both Kanji readings while learning its strokes. There are reading tests in form of quiz to inspect your success in learning.

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