Land is one of our best treasured investments. It comprises surface, living place, soil, supply of food and water, and a foundation for urban and industrial development. Land represents property and is a producing factor aside from labor and funds.
Land represents a lot more proportions, such as homeland, place of ancestral roots, a requirement for realizing individual independence, and a basis for your survival or wealth. It is also an object that is needed and sought after by governing bodies and interest classes.

Land and definitely cultivable land is finite in extent, and its is continuously under risk of destruction, mostly as a outcome of extensive cropping exploration, poor control, and population grow pressure. Today, agricultural land, farms and ranches have to generate food for twice as many human beings in the planet, as there were a generation ago, and in fifty years it is awaited to be four times as many.

This non-linear connection that exists around the growth in human population and the expansion in food resources was first observed in researches. The following generation is certainly to see, the greatest population that the planet has even had. This growing demand for food, cannot be forever provided from intensification of crop development and biotechnological advancement, but needs also the enlargement of arable land. The general result is an escalating competition for land.