LAN ICU for IBM LAN Server 1.40
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Limitations 10 Users
Downloads 0 Requirements WinXP, .NET 1.1
Publisher (Home Page) Lieberman Software Corporation File size 10540 K
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Released 1995-12-29 Sec. download
Price $970.00 US
Program Languages English Op. systems OS/2,OS/2 Warp,OS/2 Warp 4
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Repairs IBM LAN Server and Warp Server

Backup and Repairs IBM LAN Server and Warp Server Corruption

Backup and Repairs IBM LAN Server and Warp Server Corruption

Rebuild/fix corrupted domains (light years ahead of BACKACC/RESTACC/FAXACC)
Split and combine domains (everything is moved including passwords)
Migrate between LAN Server and Warp Server (Entry to Advanced and Back)
Batch editor for fast domain build/changes
Export, import, analyze using human readable ASCII files
Password and account synchronization between domains
No need to write REXX programs

IBM's LAN Server and Warp Server are great products, but NET.ACC and DCDB files will get corrupted--that's a fact of life. They can be corrupted by power-failure, software, and hardware problems. In fact, if you have been running with a large number of users on your domain, or your domain is over a couple of years old, there are probably problems lurking in your files. LANICU can fix and/or rebuild these critical files from the ground up with no more corruption.

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