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Limitations Demo only runs with Borland IDE
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Mobile deveoper Encrypt Library

Protect important data using the Sapphire Encrypt Library.

Protect important data using the Sapphire Encrypt Library. With our Encrypt Mobile Developer Library (DLL Component)

Data security is important when you are dealing with the Internet and mobile applications. Having confidential information stored on your Pocket PC means you need to ensure that it is kept save if the device gets stolen or if you are transferring it over the internet. Consider the situation if a company?s client list getting into the hands of a competitor! The Sapphire Encrypt Function Library allows you to encrypt and decrypt both plain text and files. You can simply encrypt the data by using a specified key and decrypt it on another device or server, or visa-versa. The Sapphire Encrypt Function Library makes data encryption easy by providing functionality such as Encrypting and Decrypting a plain text string using a specified key and Encrypting and Decrypting a file using a specified key. Royalty Free Licence. When you purchase a developer?s licence, you are free to use the DLL in any number of your projects and deploy it to all the devices to your clients. There?s no need for royalties based on the scale of your project, just a one off fee. You will also get 12 months email support and discounted upgrades for future developments.

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